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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Burbank to Cobol Canyon X2

After work I rode the Claremont Wilderness Trail up Burbank down Cobol. I did this two times. I haven't felt 100% lately and the ride wore me out. It's weird, my lungs and heart seem fine but my legs just won't get in-sync. I'm not sure were to go with this and it seems a week and a half ago, I was riding and running really strong.

The first loop was hard with zero warm up before I started riding up Burbank. It was about 5:30 pm and the winds were coming in strong from the west pushing me down as I tried to make my way up to Johnston's Pasture.

I was surprised to see there were a lot of hikers and joggers today. They kept me company while I did my loops around the trails. I was happy to see so many of them as it gave me the chance to use my bell.

On the second lap, I met up with an older gentleman who helped me forget how tired I was. I didn't get his name but he lives in Upland, works in Fontana and goes to church in Pomona. He's in the steel industry and he said business is down 75%. He said rides like this help chisel away some of that stress. As for church, he attends the First Baptist Church in Pomona off Garey Ave. and Holt Ave.

Riding is peaceful and does help chisel away some stress. One of my favorite things is to look at the mountains in all their beauty and be thankful I live close enough to ride their trails once in awhile.

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