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Monday, May 11, 2009

GT Tequesta

This old GT Tequesta was given to me last week. It looks to be circa 1994 and comes equipped with Shimano Exage 7 speed components. Everything looks to be in working order except the front Manitou Suspension.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this one. You see its too nice of a bike to break down and convert it to a single speed. This GT Tequesta in its splashed hues of blue and unique rear triangle represents a high in GT mountain bike history. When this bike was released GT was at its dominance in the MTB market and evey kid on the block wanted a GT.

Some things I will change:

Handle Bars - Those old school bull horns are ugly and too narrow. I'm thinking Easton EA70 or some other inexpensive riser bar.

Cantilever Brakes - These gotta go and will be replaced with V-Brakes

Front Shock - Hmmm this one is tricky because replacing the shock with anything means I may have to ditch the quill stem. The stem is painted to match the bike so I'll have to think about my options.

Cables - This one is obvious


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