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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Quick Ride Around the Park

Today Meme, Bryan and I rode around Bonelli Park. I was surprised to see the Park & Ride was relatively empty considering it was a holiday weekend. Usually, its packed and one must park across the way.

Richard was there and I was really surprised to see him as he's a Marshal Canyon fixture. He said he wanted to try something different. Richard and I talked a short while, he told me about his Ellsworth breaking down and how its in the shop and the replacement part is being shipped in from France. He's on a HT Specialized Hard Rock right now and lets just say its not nearly as forgiving as the Ellsworth.

This was the first time I rode with Bryan. At 6' 7", he was appropriately riding a 29'er Specialized Stumpjumper. Byran's a nice guy who lives close to Meme and is in Orthopedic Sales. Like me, Byran went to Cal Poly Pomona.

Each trail and its parts have special names. This section photographed is called Airport Hill. Its a rocky rutty section next to Bracket Airport. Its a lot of fun but one wrong move and you'll be hurting.

Here is Meme and Bryan at the bottom of Airport Hill. They made it!

Here is Meme negotiating Airport Hill. The trick is to look well ahead of the trail, spotting "safe" passages through the rocks and deep ruts. You can see Meme's "in deep thought" expression as he makes his way down. Notice how Meme is on a single Speed. I think I have him hooked.

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