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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Catching up with Bill, Matt and Annette on GMR

Saturday morning I woke up, groggy eyed and slightly dehydrated. The night before was spent with family and friends at my Brother-in-Laws wedding. Am I going to make it to Mt. Baldy today? The heart was in it but my body was telling my no.

On Baseline, I had a hard time picking up the pace. John from Upland speed past thus spurring my competitive heart. I picked up the pace and we rode together until Sierra Madre and GMR.

I decided to meet Bill and Annette at their house and together we made the trek up GMR. We kept a decent clip, stopped at Newman's and took a lot of photos. We met up with Matt around this point and talked a little about the canyon, traffic and work. It was nice spending time with the OG's of GMR.

We arrived at the Maintenance Shed and were greeted by a million gnats, flys and other pests. After a few minutes, a support vehicle for Adobo Velo came rolling by. As it turns out they were doing an "8 Mile" Time Trial up GMR.

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