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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Irvine Lake Mud Run

The alarm went off promptly at 5 am. Ugh, just five more minutes. Five minutes later the snooze went off and I thought to myself, "why am I getting up so early again. Oh yeah, to run the Irvine Mud Run. Again why?"

Carlos picked me up by 6 am and together with Santiago we headed to Irvine. We arrived early, it was raining, not misting but raining. It was cold and there was a lot of mud.

We had a chance to walk part of the course and it was dirty. This time around the promoters decided to make it muddier, with more mud pits to tread through, with more mud bogs to crawl under and potentially lose a shoe in and more mud hills to try to climb up.

One of the promoters delightfully talked about how they added a nice deep mud pit within the first 1/4 mile of the race and how he got his tractor stuck in it. He laughed and kept saying how deep it was and how lots of people are going to lose shoes on this course.

One of the obstacles was a deep dirty looking mud bog with an overhead canopy. Between the mud and canopy you only had two feet so you are forced to be on your knees for this one. If you made it out of the bog you had about 10 more feet of thick, mud to thread through as well. After that there was 6 more mud pit hills and trenches before another bog to trudge though.

These mud runs bring the best out of people and their costumes. These Barbarians were more than happy to pose for a picture.

Beer Garden!

Just another day at the office and I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Carlos was ecstatic to get running, #2768

From the Left: Jason, Santiago, Carlos and Edwardo, "Team I Am Mud"

Put your hands up!

Its all about Breast Cancer Awareness these days

The guy in the middle (shirtless dude) won the whole series. His time, about 24 minutes. His prize, $2000.

Santiago, clean, showing off his free t-shirt and ready for some food.

Never fails.

Muddy, Muddy.

Where's the Beer Garden?

Done, and the best way to celebrate is at Los Jarritos.

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