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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trek 930 Single Track - Gets Another Face Lift.

First it was a Free Bike, I converted to a Poor Mans Single Speed. Then I stripped it and powder coated it black. Then I swapped out somethings like the crank, and added and Eno in the rear.

Then the SS Trek 930 became my favorite bike to ride. So simple, one gear, no frills and no techie things to break. I even started leaving the bike computer at home and just ride to enjoy the outdoors.

My Full Suspension Trek Fuel Ex was replaced fully and for months all I'd ride was my SS Trek 930. The 930 fit me so perfect and I was seemingly content. Content for a little while until I decided I want to turn the 930 into a 1 x 9. Well I fidgeted with it to work with my Eno SS Cranks and couldn't get it to work so I decided to piece it together with parts from my Trek Fuel Ex. Right now, its a 1 X 9 but I may just make it a 3 X 9 and race it this November.

To Be continued...

The Poor Mans Single Speed Trek 930 Conversion (The First Facelift)

The Second Facelift

The Third Face Lift

The Fourth Facelift (What's Next?)


One Man Warg Pack said...

I absolutely love this bike. I bought a Trek 930 about six weeks ago and now it's my main means of transportation because I just love riding it. Mine is also converted to a single speed. I hope to follow in your footsteps by giving my bike face lifts as I go along as well.

Gorgeous bike my friend!

BicycleFriends said...

Thanks. This is my favorite bike. I've raced it twice this year so far!

BicycleFriends said...

Thanks. This is my favorite bike. I've raced it twice this year so far!

trek920 said...

Hey brother, I've got a trek 920 I'm building up and have a couple of questions if you'd be so kind. What type of fork are you using and what size and cassette?

Thanks for you time.

trek920 said...

^ what size chain ring*

BicycleFriends said...

As a single speed it was a 34t. As a geared its 22 x 32 x 42. I love this bike and I've raced it five times so far.

BicycleFriends said...

@ Trek920.

11 - 32 Cassette Sram
Fork: Surly

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