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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Glendora Mountain Road, A ride with New Friends, Old Friends and Some Celebrities!

Wow what a ride it was today. Nathan and I started out from my house at 6:30 am. The weather is changing and when we left it was dark, very dark. No sunlight creeping up the horizon until after 7 am today. There were clouds in the sky; it was cold with a touch of moisture in the air.

At Baseline and Fruit, I heard a rubbing sound coming from Nathans Masi road bike. We pulled over and it turned out his rear wheel wasn’t aligned right. After a good assessment of the situation we found the culprit, a defective quick release. Nate worked with it and I called Annette.

“Annette,” I said as she answered the phone.


“Can you spare a quick release for the rear wheel?”

“Hey Bill, do you have a spare quick release?” Annette asks. In the background I heard “Sure” from Bill and on our way to Annette’s house we went. We swapped out quick releases and headed to GMR. When we got there, Carl was waiting and was ready to go along with a few guys from Abobo Velo.

It was a nice leisurely ride up to the Maintenance Shed with Carl, Annette and Nate. It was Nate’s first time up GMR and he handled it great. There were a few riders out this early and at about 1 mile before Newman’s, a Motley Crew of riders’ road past me as I stopped to snap some photos. I caught up to them and rode with them to the maintenance shed.

Soon after, Annette and Nate made it to the shed and I headed back to ride with Carl. I met up with Carl between Newman’s and the last downhill before the climb to the shed. He was carrying a good pace and together we rode with some Adobo Velo riders back to the shed. An Adobo Velo rider and I sprinted to the shed at about 100 feet. It was all for fun. I got Adobo Velo together and snapped a few pictures. They were up GMR doing long intervals.

I was ready to head back but Annette and Carl wanted to do some more riding. We headed to East Fork and bridged over to Glendora Ridge Road. We went to mile marker 4 on GRR before turning back.

On the way back we ran into Mr. Beanz! It was great seeing Mr. Beanz, in his signature orange jersey. We chatted about many things, including GMR, SART, bike forums, blogs, photos and videos. He’s really a great guy and after, I felt lucky to ride with Annette and talk with Mr. Beanz all in one day! What a treat, two Bicycle Celebrities!

Carl did really good today and after only a few rides is getting back into the swing of things. I was surprised when he decided to do Fork Plus 4. I fully expected him to turn around after the shed but like a good trooper he was ready to march on!

Nate, did great. This was his first time on a road bike in awhile and ended his ride with a total trip of about 42 miles. Not too shabby, and he kept a good pace the whole way! I think after a few more rides he’ll be ready for GMR to Mt. Baldy. Heading home our main point of conversation was FOOD. We were pretty hungry. He ended up eating with his family at The Hat while I reluctantly settled for Top Ramen and a Turkey Sandwich.

A Panorama Shot. From some trash left on the turnout, I think this is a popular make out site! LOL.

This guy was hanging out . Eeeyou soo creepy! Rumor has it they can jump!

Some SC Velo Riders at the top of Monroe Truck Trail

From the Left: Carl, Annette and Nate

Nate and Annette looking across GRR at Mile Marker 6

CHIPS! Go Ponche!

The World Famous Mr Beanz!

A Hunter and his son hiking down the ridge

Gina and Ron?

Adobo Velo

1 comment:

Mr. Beanz said...

Nice chatting with you again BF! The guy's name is "Alan". He's not important so no need editing the post hahaha! We probably would have run into on the way up (more time to chat and video) but Alan changed our plans by an hour or two, and was still late! Like I said, he's not that improtant and doesn't deserve the respect of getting his name right! Hahahaha! (kidding ofcourse!) Nice seeing ya again!

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