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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beach Ride (as told by Kevin)

A few weeks ago, Kevin and Meme rode to Newport...

Kevin Wrote:

There is nothing like an upcoming Tour of California to get the cycling juices flowing, so Meme and I choose to click off 44 miles along the Santa Ana River trail. In addition, this ride was chosen to put to rest the spinning vs stomping debate that that has been plagued us over the last few months of riding.

For me it's been 25 years since I took my last engineering class. Yet, I am pretty sure Meme doesn't have it right when he quotes Bernoulli's and Newton's laws about aerodynamic's and forces (I shoulda kept those textbooks). He claims that stomping on your pedals, while in the highest gear is the best way to ride. Ride really hard for a mile or so, then back off and recover. I, on the other hand, prefer to spin in a lower gear, while trying to maintain a steady speed.

About 10 miles into the ride I got really nervous when Meme jumped onto a train of young bucks with matching team jerseys cruising somewhere around 22-23 mph. In less than a minute he was out of site. A mile or so down the trail I was joined by Cliff, a retired 60-ish gentleman, on a vintage 50year old ten speed. We matched each others pace and took turns pulling, until we surprisingly reeled in Meme, who had lost his young bucks.

The three of us rode for several miles, taking turns cutting through the increasing head wind as we neared the beach. The steady pace may have proven to be too difficult for the stomping style of Meme. With about 3 miles to go we dropped Meme, who latter complained to me that we weren't going fast enough for him. I am still trying to wrap my head around that logic.

At PCH I thanked Cliff for the ride and waited a short minute for Meme to catch up. I figured I had proven my point "nice and steady wins the race" as Meme paid for lunch, the true sign of concession. We ate a quick bite, took the obligatory proof photos, watered up, and started home.

I hoped Meme's youthful exuberance had got the best of him on the way down. Seemingly it had, as I was easily able the keep pace with him to the about the 18 mile marker. It was then when his inner machismo kicked in, as once again he kicked hard and jumped on a train of three speed deamons as they passed us.

I was too tired myself to even try, so I hoped he would lose steam once again. It was not to be the case as he greeted me as I returned to the truck, with what I continue to believe to be misquotes of the famous physicists. Can anyone remind me about Newton's first and second laws?

Oh well, looks like we didn't settle our debate. I was a good day nevertheless, as I finished with my BEST time. Thanks to Meme, Cliff, and the SART for another great ride.

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