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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Beach Century (Euro, SART, SGVT)

Today Otto D'Ambrosio, Jessica M Garner, Art Hernandez, Gregory Montgomery and I decided to ride to the beach.  Yeah, we did a Beach Century on hump day and it was awesome.  Awesome except for the crazy Tri-Girl who almost took Jessica out then forced her way in our draft and never took a pull.  Heck, she didn't even say "hi" or smile after sitting on our wheels for miles and miles.  I felt so used. Other notables on this ride included an unusual envelope hand off on SGVT (maybe $$$ were exchanged or something else...EPO), some dude showed us his bare chest and a seat post mechanical. 

It was a great day, I felt good until Badillo and Grand when I needed some sugar to perk me up for the final several miles.  A Coke, Twizzlers and Kit-Kats solved that.  

Good times and TFTI Jessica and Otto.

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