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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Burbank and Cobol Canyon

Today I did something a little different. For starters, I actually drove to the trail head. Whenever I ride the local trails, I always ride there from my house. Today I wasn't feeling it, so I decided to drive to Burbank (A Trail), located at the end of Mills Road.

By 8:00 am the park and ride was packed, and I was forced to park on the side of the road. I waited a few minutes before heading off to see if anyone else would show up. No one showed up so I would have to ride the mountain alone today.

It was cloudy and cold this morning and since it was only me, I toyed with the idea of driving home, switching the mountain bike for the road bike and trying to meet up with Annette and Matt for a Glendora Mountain Road Ride. I decided to fore go the hassle of a bike swap and headed up the mountain.

I hammered up Burbank in good time and decided to drop down to Marshal Canyon. From that point, I headed back up Marshal Canyon to Yellow Gate and then down Cobol Canyon. Where Cobol Canyon and the road to Potato intersect, I thought for a second about heading up to Potato Peak. This was the original plan today, well kind of. I wanted to take my Bicycle Friends to Potato today. Since it was only me, I kept riding past the intersection and continued down Cobol Canyon.

I was feeling really good today, so when I came to the intersection of Burbank and Cobol, I decided to do another lap. This time, instead of heading down Marshal Canyon, I would stick on Johnston's Pasture and head down Cobol. The second time up Burbank, I met a guy named Robert from Sierra Madre. We talked about the trails we've been on and about his Trek 69er. The Trek 69er has a 26" wheel in the rear and a 29" wheel in the front. I gave him my website name, told him to send me an email and mentioned we should hook up for another ride.

It was a quick ride today. Ride time was about 1 hour 44 minutes. I'd like to try this ride again with my single speed.

I took these two pictures from the top of Jump Trail. To the west it was cloudy. To the east, it was clearing up and sunny. By the time I dropped down into Marshal Canyon, it was really cold. Heading up I was able to generate some heat.

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