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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sea Otter Classic - Part One

The Sea Otter Classic was held at Laguna Seca Raceway from April 16 thru 19. It was truly an international event. I met people from Canada to Great Britain.

I drove up with a co-worker on the 16th. When we arrived it was windy and very cold. From Friday to Sunday, the weather was hot with little clouds in sight.

There were many vendors exhibiting at the Sea Otter. I don't remember this company's name but they had an unusual looking bike. It was constructed from a single strand of carbon fiber reinforced with some epoxy tubing. It looked a little scary. I didn't have the chance to pick it up, but I'm sure it was very light.

Ellsworth's Dare is their flagship downhill bike. Even in pink it still looked race worthy. The bike just oozed cool with its duel crown forks and meaty tires. They also had a nice "Rain Forest" Green Moment.

There was some guy riding around with a Klunker old school mountain bike. As it turns out the filmed a documentary called, "Klunkerz. A film about Mountain Bikes." Its about the very early days of Mountain Biking when guys like Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze and Steve Potts were tinkering with old cruiser bikes and rigging them up to ride on the mountain. I didn't get the guys name but he did get me a copy of his film.

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klunkerbill said...

My name's Billy Savage:). The bike is a 1935 Schwinn Excelsior built up into a multi speed Klunker by Alan Bonds (Gary's old roomie) w/ braze-ons by Otis Guy. I hope you enjoyed the film.
Ride on!

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