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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Glendora Mountain Road - A hurried ride to beat the sunset

Today when I got to work I proclaimed, I am leaving at 4:30 pm. You see, if I leave at 4:30 pm, then I can make it to GMR, given little traffic, in about 40 minutes. This puts me on GMR at 5:15 pm and suited and riding at about 5:20 pm. At 5:20 pm I have more than enough time to make it to the maintenance shed.

For the record, I never leave work at our official closing time of 4:30 pm. Today, I would be in charge of closing up shop so I wanted to make sure everyone was done with their days work, so I could leave right at closing.

Today was extremely busy! The harder I worked, the more work was thrown my way today. I thought I'd never get done but I had a purpose and a major hankering to ride. Well at about 4:15 pm, I went into our work yard to pull in some pallets and park the forklift. Well the forklift wouldn't start and I had four heavy pallets to move! Long story short, I didn't leave the office until 5:00 pm. I raced to GMR and was riding at about 5:45 pm.

The ride was just what I needed and I was hoping to run into either Annette or Matt, GMR regulars. It was a quiet ride today with very little traffic (Except for a speeding Evo Lancer that scared the Sh$T out of me as it skidded and revved down the mountain).

I pushed a little harder than usual today and made it to the first saddle before resting. It was a nice ride, and at the saddle I was torn. Do I head to the maintenance shed or turn around? It was getting a little cold so I snapped this picture and headed back down.

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