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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Down for the Count (Temporary)

Well, I finally removed my last two wisdom teeth.  Earlier this year, I removed the first two and I was down for the count for about a month.  Dry Socket, I think is was they called it.  So painful. 

Friday morning I went in for the last two extractions. The procedure was about one hour and when I was done, I felt like I just got my butt kicked (Or rather my head was a punching bag).  It's funny how stressful these operations, even so small, can be taxing on the body. 

I hope I recover quickly, I have a number of races coming up.  Next weekend is CX racing, SCPS Season Opener: DTLA Historic CX.

I've been waiting for CX season since my first CX earlier this year.  Earlier this year, I caught the last of the 2010 So Cal Cross Series.  Then there is the Triple Crown Series and maybe a 5k or 10k ... Well, I can only hope for a speedy recovery!

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