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Sunday, September 4, 2011

GMR to Mt Baldy Ski Lifts

Michael and I headed out a little later today, 6:30 am "ish".  We weren't too pressed for time and had plans to ride GMR to the Mt Baldy Ski Lifts.  

Knowing this, we traveled a little slower.  Overall it was an epic ride, 53 miles and max elevation was about 6400 ft.  The ride to the village was pretty standard.  Michael got a flat at about Fork plus 5.  After a quick change we were off to Baldy Village.  Once in the village we rested for five minutes or so before tackling the Switchbacks to our final destination, the Ski Lifts.

The last few miles to the Ski Lifts was the hardest part of the ride. Mike was worried about the switchbacks.  I was worried about the last quarter mile were the grade is about 15%.  From Baldy Village, it took us about 1:15 to get to the lifts.  The last quarter mile was a monster,  it was soooooo steep and my legs were pretty tired.  The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I wanted a picture of the lifts as proof I did it!  I told Michael, "Failure wasn't an Option."  

We did it (and I have the picture to prove it)! 

Manny made it to Fork Plus Four.  This was his VERY first time up GMR and he did great!  I thought for sure Mike and I would catch him but we never did.  Manny, you crazy beast!  You're ready for Baldy!

Michael and Manny heading up GRR. 

Flats happen.  Michael fixing his flat around Fork plus Five.

We did it!  The Ski Lifts in all their splendid glory!  This was an epic climb.


stugi79 said...

Sounds like a great ride!

GMR said...

Totally awesome BF that you conquered the ski lifts on a perfectly gorgeous day. Nice you didn't have to sprint for this long hard ride. Michael and you remind me of another epic pair of riders Levi and Chris Horner riding in together on the Tour of California at the ski lifts.

BicycleFriends said...

GMR, funny Michael and I "tried" to race to the finish.

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