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Monday, September 26, 2011

Glendora XC Grind @ South Hills Park

Sunday Sept 25, 2011, I raced my Full Suspension Trek Fuel - Ex 8.  Since racing my final beginner race (Knobby Time),  I moved up to Sport.  I have to admit, I was pretty nervous but I figured I might as well get my moneys worth racing and do the extra lap.  Beginners did 3 laps, Sport and Expert racers got to do 4 laps. 

The Glendora XC Grind is race one of the Triple Crown Series.  Total there are five different races held in Glendora, Bonelli Park, MTSAC and finals in Fontana.

Read More and Race Photo Located Below

The Glendora XC Grind had two sustained climbs.  The first was a fairly wide fire road.  Climbing it wasn't too bad.  The other climb was a paved access road.  Matt and this buddy were hanging out there offering support.  I felt as though the paved access road was definitely steeper than the fire road.

After these two climbs the course dropped into some really good single track.  Steep, narrow, loose and fast single track throughout the park with some sharp switchbacks made for some fun and interesting racing.  While racing, I didn't see any crashes, but while shooting pictures, before and after my race, I saw a lot of banged up riders.

There were 8 racers in my class.  Robert, Joseph, and David were all former beginner who moved up to Sport this year.  I finished dead last in 8th place.  It was a tough race but figure racing Sport should only make me faster and stronger.

I took over 100 photos.  I will post more shortly.

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