Ride a bike, share your experience and love. When I go biking, I repeat a mantra of the day's sensations: bright sun, blue sky, warm breeze, blue jay's call, ice melting and so on. This helps me transcend the traffic, ignore the clamorings of work, leave all the mind theaters behind and focus on nature instead. I still must abide by the rules of the road, of biking, of gravity. But I am mentally far away from civilization. The world is breaking someone else's heart. ~Diane Ackerman

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Monday, February 17, 2014

'I've made the bicycle my lifestyle'

'I've made the bicycle my lifestyle'
Graham Kislingbury
Link: http://www.gazettetimes.com/oregon-outdoors/i-ve-made-the-bicycle-my-lifestyle/article_af1947b9-5194-512d-9226-d41e2decc4bf.html

It would be nice to be car free, but living in suburbia with autocentric routes and city planning make it difficult. All excuses I know...

"When Ben Roberts was a teenager, the last thing he wanted to do was ride a bike.

“I wasn’t into biking,” he says. “I looked at biking as a juvenile thing. Once I was 16 and able to legally drive, I left biking and worked on cars.”

As recently as 2009, he had a hot rod, a Toyota 4Runner and a Honda Accord. “I had too many cars,” he admits.

That year, while managing a Medford cell phone repair store with his brother, the recession hit the business and his pocketbook.

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