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Friday, March 21, 2014

Legal Brief - Get Better Coverage

Legal Brief - Get Better Coverage
Josh Zisson
Link: http://momentummag.com/features/legal-brief-get-better-coverage/

"Most riders won’t spend much time thinking about insurance. After all, what good could a car insurance policy do for you when you’ve been doored? And who cares about renter’s insurance when your bike was stolen off of the street?

Every rider should care and it’s important to be thinking about what your auto and homeowner’s insurance policies can do for you. As it turns out, these policies can mean the difference between getting slammed with medical bills or the cost of a new bike, and having those expenses paid in full.

If a driver crashes into you, their insurance policy should cover your expenses. But sometimes, the offending driver’s policy won’t cover everything. This is where your existing auto insurance policy comes into play. Your policy doesn’t just cover you when you’re driving, it can also apply when riding your bike. And that means any bike – including e-bikes and bike share systems

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