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Friday, June 20, 2014

Coffee Klatch - Ethiopian Kochere Grade 1, Washed

Ethiopian Kochere Grade 1 - This one is too floral and too light for me.  After a few days of experimenting, I can't seem to get it strong or bold enough.  This is more of a tea to me. A strong tea be it but not as strong and bold and dark as I'd like it to be.

Updated 2014-06-29: I just finished the package and yes, this is a much more floral coffee.  There is a subtle sweetness that I found distracting at first.  It reminded me of a strong tea and the Ethiopian Kochere should be enjoyed black, no cream, no sugar, to fully appreciate it. However, after approximately cup 5 I got used to the flavor. And especially after a cup of crappy Maxwell House, I can't wait to go back to Coffee Klatch and get me some real coffee.  Overall the Ethiopian Kochere isn't my favorite, I think I prefer more medium/dark roast coffees.  I'd give this one a 8 out of 10.

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