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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bonelli Park with many Bicycle Friends

It was a cool overcast morning as I headed out to the Via Verde Park and Ride to meet with fellow cyclist. Instead of riding my bike to the Park and Ride, I opted to drive. The P&R is not far but on a single speed mountain bike the trek there would take to long. At a gear ratio of 34 X 19 (46.5 gear inches) is not the best ratio for flat terrain and would result in me "spinning out" to easily.

I got to the P&R about 5 minutes past 7:00 am with Alan, Mark and Carl ready to go. Alan and Mark brought two friends, Rony and Glen. Shortly after, Peter arrived and after a tire check, we were off. As we headed out Memo and Marco showed up.

On the trail, Alan busted a chain and while we fixed it, Memo and Marco caught up with us.

Alan, hammering away up the back side of Bonelli Park.

Memo and Marco showed up for our ride. Thanks guys for coming, I had a lot of fun.

Carl, Mark and Peter navigating some single track at the end of our ride.

Murky Water in Vietnam, anyone need to refill their water bottles? Vietnam is a part of Bonelli that's over grown and lots of tree cover. Its located next to the Motor home park.

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