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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday, 9:30 pm at The Donutman in Glendora

During the week Diane and Carl, co-workers, were raving about The Donutman in Glendora. They said on Saturday at about 9:30 pm fresh donuts start coming out of the fryers. The key is to get there at 9:30 pm and specifically ask for the freshest. I ordered up three, A Peach Filled Glazed, A Chocolate covered Bavarian filled glazed, and a Chocolate Cinnamin Twist thing. All so decadent and super rich!

The donuts were great and it was equally fun seeing all the people show up soon after me. There were families with young kids in pajamas, High School Kids, young people and old people. At the side of the building three ladies huddled against a window watching the Bakers cooking donuts all through the night.

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