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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Never Easy, Always Rewarding - MTB on a Single Speed

Up early and on the road by 7:00 am, today I road my single speed to the Claremont Wilderness Trails. Getting there was hard because it was my first day back on the SS after a four week Mt. Baldy Binge. You see on my road bike I have 20 different gears to choose from. On my Single Speed, you guessed it, I only have one.

Immediately heading up Garey Ave., my mind played tricks on me. "Okay Jason, switch gears," and I did a ghost shift with my right thumb. Nothing there, no resistance, darn! "This is going to be tough," I think to myself and as I ride Thompson Creek Trail to my destination.

Once I entered the wilderness trail I headed up Burbank. The ride up was hard but the trick of SS riding it to pace yourself. I get to the top of Burbank, tired, and I decide to head down jump trail. From Jump trail, I headed to Yellow Gate and down Cobol. At the bottom of Cobol, I headed back up for another loop. Two hours thirty minutes, and 22 miles later, I'm back home. Ride finished.

I felt good and was glad I did it. Riding my single speed is unusually rewarding. Maybe its the simplicity, with no gears, no suspension, and no disc brakes that keeps me wanting more. I don't know but when I ride the SS I feel connected to my bike and nature. Weird.

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