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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adam's New Specialized and other Family Photos

Friday after work I took the kids to Incycle. For Adam's Birthday, I picked him up a brand new Specialized Hot Rock 16"er. I think I was more excited than he was about the bike. His excitement was for the brand new bell I said he could pick out for his bike.

Adam is a funny kid. He approaches new things with great caution. Take for instance the purchase of a new bike. He's very comfortable riding Frannie's 12" pink Specialized. Its safe, its got small wheels and he can easily touch the ground with his feet while sitting on the saddle.

At Incycle, Adam wasn't interesting in a new bike because, according to him, its too big. "No Daddy, I don't need a new bike," he tells me. Really Adam, I know for a fact Frannie's pink bike is too small for him and Adam really needs his own bike.

Well, coming home without a new bike for his fourth birthday is not an option. I picked the white Specialized Hot Rock, and he eagerly and with great enthusiasm picked out his green bell.

At home, I take the training wheels off and tell him ride away. "Okay Daddy, but I need to wear my helmet."

He puts the helmet on, straddles his new bike, pushes off the ground with his feet and is off in an instant! "Daddy, I did it!" That night and the morning after he tells me many times how he loves his new big boy bike.

Adam's new green bell in the background.

Natalie likes to run around the neighborhood while Adam and Frannie ride their bikes. Frannie got a new bell too!

Frannie's got a sense of humor. I say smile for the camera and this is what I get.

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GMR said...

Great story. Great photos. Cute kids. Life is good Jason.

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