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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Status Update: Tall Bike Close to Completion

The tall bike has been welded up but, before I paint, I decided to assemble all the components to make sure everything is in working order. I identified minor issues that will need to be reworked but overall the build is good. I am very pleased with the chain routing/linkage. Brake guides need to be slightly reworked and I am not sure whether to go threadless for the fork/stem combo. For the pre-build, I used the older threaded headset but it seemed really loose despite my attempts to tighten it up. If I decide to keep the threaded fork/stem combo I'll probably opt to purchase a brand new headset. Being so high on the tall bike I need everything working 100%.

I finally figured out how to get on and off it without a chair. The trick is momentum and I liken it to getting on top of a horse. One foot on the pedal then THROW your leg over. I have to admit, I was scared riding it without knowing if it would stay together. Not all the bolts were fully tightened (Hey its a PRE-Build) and it was a rickety ride (Especially since the headset would NOT tighten down correctly).

Once all the kinks are reworked, all I need to do is decide on the color. I was really feeling RED, WHITE and BLUE, but now I am not sure. I kinda want that Stanley Thermos Green. I like the texture and color of that green.

What color do you think will complement the Craziness of a Tall Bike?

1 comment:

Michael said...

I have been trying to think whether or not I have ever seen a finely painted tall bike, they usually seem to be left pretty raw. Although I prefer green, red would really stand out.

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