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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lords of Griffith and Frank Frazetta

Another year and another missed Lord of Griffith. Who would have known LOG III would fall on our first Family Reunion in over 10 - 15 years, Doh!

About this picture:

Death Dealer by Frank Frazetta was used as promo for LOG 1 - 3. This is one of Frank Frazetta' most iconic painting. Its been copied, reproduced and used in a variety of printing for music, t-shirts, rock bands and etc.

I was first introduced to Frank Frazetta's art by my late Uncle Johan. He had a collection of prints and Tarzan books which featured cover art by Frank Frazetta. I remember being at the Book Exchange in Monclair, a reseller of used books, and I came upon old Tarzan Books with Frank's art. I bought them all with the idea I'd start my own collection and it was a good opportunity to connect with my Uncle Johan (Whom I had little contact with as a child yet shared a passion for books and science fantasy).

Ironically, within days of my purchases he passed away. Missed opportunities happen daily and often, is this why they say carpe diem?

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