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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pomona to Azusa Canyon to East Fork to GMR to Mt Baldy, oh My!

Text Message Chain Friday 24, 2011:

Jason: Did u do crit last night

Mike: No haven't done it in a couple weeks. Its fun. But it's also pure pain. Are u riding.

Jason: Yeah not sure of ride destination. I raced last night. Tired today.

Mike: MTB right. Let me know what u plan to do. I'm up for some more leisurely too. I've bee sick this week so that might be better.

Jason: How about a GMR to Mt. Baldy recovery ride. Relax Pace.

Mike: Yeah perhaps. Or maybe East Fork to Baldy.

Jason: U r crazy. That's like sixty miles.
(Sixty miles of lots of climbing!)

We decided on East Fork to Mt Baldy. We headed out about 7 am to Azusa Canyon. Riding up Azusa I was fine, but by the time we got to East Fork, I my legs were feeling tight. The trek up Little GMR did me in.

I was cursing Mike in my head and mentally writing all the horrible things I was going to say about Mike and his GREAT idea to ride to Baldy via East Fork. Why, why why. Mike's a nut, so when I got to East Fork and GRR...

"Officer, I swear it was the heat that made me do. I was delirious from the heat, I could not control my hands... and I reached for his neck and... I swear I couldn't help myself...

Might as well! If I can strangle Mike why can't Annette strangle me! I think the heat was getting to both of us. Hey Annette, great job on making it to Mt. Baldy.

Annette described to us Ron's crash. I hope he recovers soon but it sounds like he took a bad fall. She also talked a little about the BUGS, all the lovely bugs that pester us as we ride.

South on Amelia Ave., and then left on Route 66, I spotted a Black Toyota Highlander. It was parked 3 feet from the curb, with strobe light on top and traffic cones every where to direct traffic. Could it be none other than Richard, my father-in-law! Sure enough it was him.

A trip down memory lane. On Foothill we came upon an old Chevy Nova. I had to stop as this was the same color and year as the Nova I owned. My first car was a beat up Chevy Nova I brought back to life. Like the one pictured, I painted my Nova canary yellow. Wow. Jamie got a kick out of the pictures of this Nova when I showed them to her.

Mike and I ended our ride short. From East Fork and GRR we (Or rather I) decided to head down GMR and back home to Pomona. Total trip distance, 54 miles.


Michael said...

Ah, the bugs. I was stung twice by bees coming down GMR Friday morning.

BicycleFriends said...

Lots of bugs bit and smashed into me on my way down GMR. Michael, my ride buddy, was stung behind the ear.

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