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Saturday, January 14, 2012

70 Miles - Santiago Canyon

It was a Personal Record Day for me.  I rode 70 miles and I feel great!  Michael and I set out early, 6:30 am from Anahiem Hills (Yorba Park) and headed to Santiago Canyon.  From there we rode to Irvine then to Laguna Niguel.  At Laguna we stopped and rested for a little while before heading to SART.  From SART, we headed back to Anahiem Hills.

It was a great ride, the weather was cool and on SART we ran into Mr. Beanz and Gina.  

My day started at 4 am.  That's when my alarm went off, kindly telling me to get my a$$ out bed and start preparing for my EPIC ride.  Above is a picture of the moon at a very early 5:45 am.  5:45 am, that's when I arrived at Michael's house. 

Santiago Canyon proved to be a scenic ride, with rolling hills, cattle, horses, and large ranch homes.  

The halfway point, Laguna Niguel.  Michael and I stopped for a food and bathroom break.  

We met up with a pack of riders who pulled us thru Newport to SART. 

A flock of seagulls on SART.  Something spooked them and watch out for gifts from above!

Mr. Beanz and Gina!  We ran into them on SART.  We chatted and I snapped a picture of the famous Mr. Beanz.  Gina and Beanz are two great people and larger than life personalities.  I was hoping to see them on SART. 

1 comment:

Mr. Beanz said...

Ha ha ha! Nice to see you JT! You guys were really kicking butt today! ;-)

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