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Monday, January 30, 2012

Pomona's "Open Street" Event

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Good afternoon,

On behalf of Daryl Grigsby, Public Works Director for the City of Pomona, you are invited to participate in a stakeholder planning session for an event with exciting implications for the City and residents of Pomona.

The City of Pomona recently received a Technical Assistance grant from the LA County Health Department to promote an ‘Open Streets’ Event. With ‘Open Streets’ events, public streets are closed to motor vehicles for a few hours, while bicyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians of all ages have freedom to explore their city, visit local businesses and meet new people. A similar event, known as CicLAvia in Los Angeles, brings over 100,000 bicyclists to the streets of downtown LA for a day of car-free fun and community connection.

The consultants for the Health Department need to hear from you, a Pomona stakeholder, on possible benefits and considerations. Their next step after this is a presentation to the Pomona City Council.

Therefore, we are holding a stakeholder meeting on Tuesday, January 31st, at 6 pm at the Cal Poly Downtown Center. The consultant will have maps of proposed closed streets and other information for your consideration.

Please RSVP to Maura Montellano at 909-620-2262 or via email at maura_montellano@ci.pomona.ca.us.

Thank you,
Maura E. Montellano| Public Works
505 S. Garey Ave., Pomona, CA 91769 | (909) 620-2262
Pomona: Vibrant. Safe. Beautiful.

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