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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Go on a Bike Ride With You, I'd Rather Cry in a BMW!"

I found this bit of news regarding China and its changing cultural landscape very interesting.  Ma Nuo, if you're crying in a BMW, its probably not a good thing,  Riding a bike is fun!  In all seriousness, this article just shows the western influence on China and all the great capitalistic goodness the we have to offer.  Ha!

"The show, “If You Are the One,” broke ratings records in the first half of 2010. More than 50 million people tuned in. The sauciest contestants became sensations — one aspiring actress famously rejected a man offering a bicycle ride by saying, “I’d rather cry in a BMW.” The show attracted huge interest from Chinese overseas; some students on American campuses even filmed their own versions. It increased the nation’s cultural influence, which China’s leaders crave."

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