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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glendora Mountain Road Fixed

Today I had it in my mind to ride up Glendora Mountain Road on my fixed gear.  When I left the house there was a chill in the air, just cold enough to numb the ears.  I was feeling unusually tired, but I wasn't to pressed for time, so I decided to take my time getting to the base of GMR. 

Getting to the base wasn't so bad except I didn't bring my beanie so my ears were hurting from the cold air.  I knew once I started heading up I'd quickly warm up.  

The ride up was a lonely ride until I was a mile from the Maintenance Shed.  There was a group of riders heading to Crystal Lake by way of GMR. They stopped at the Shed to rest up before heading on their EPIC ride. 

I rode to East Fork before deciding to turn around and head home.

On the way down I ran into Matt, Annette and Bill.  Matt was charging ahead of both Annette and Bill. I rode with Matt for a few minutes catching up on life.  He was moving to fast so I wasn't about to take out the camera while trying to ride fixed gear at that speed.  I guess some people can't chew gum and walk, I can't ride fixed gear and take photos at the same time.

Annette was the second person I ran into on the way down.  I turned around and rode with her to about the Kevin Unck Memorial. 3 years have gone by since I came upon Annette's GlendoraMTNRoad.com

Bill was bringing up the rear. Bill looked great and has lost about 20lbs.  We joked about it being cheaper to lose weight off the body then the bike.

It was clear and sunny today.  The winds were blowing moderately. 

Downtown LA.

My ride up GMR today was great.  I rode to East Fork on my fixed gear.  I  met up with some GMR celebrates, and when I got home, I wasn't bonked! Later in the day the kids and I walked a mile, got some Slurpees at 7 Eleven, and for dinner Jamie made Manhattan Clam Chowder.  Its been a great day!


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