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Friday, July 16, 2021

Beach Century - 121 miles

A new route for a beach and back century

Yesterday Stewart, Frank and I decided on a different route for our beach century. The typical route takes us from Euro Cafe to Diamond Bar. From Diamond Bar we headed to SART. Yesterday I headed east to meet Stew and Frank in Rancho Cucamonga at the corner of Baseline and Milliken. From there we headed south to Green River to pick up SART.

It was a good ride and there wasn't too much traffic on the roads leading to Green River. Milliken near the 60 freeway can get a little sketchy with people in cars (and semi-trucks) making their way to work. Heading east adds 20 miles to the ride but you completely bypass Brea Canyon. Brea Canyon can be a little scary due to the traffic that builds up through the canyon. Brea Canyon, in some sections, gets narrow and cars can pass by you pretty fast.

On SART there was a guy heading in the same direction as us so we got to talking as we made our way to Newport. I didn't get his name but he's done over 83 double centuries. His goal is to hit 100 doubles in his lifetime. I did one double century and it was tough, I can't imagine doing 100! While on PCH, I met a guy named Steve Flick who was wearing a GO FAST jersey. We traded off pulls until Stew, Frank and I made a left on Main St. in Seal Beach. Steve and his friend continued on PCH to SGVT.

In Seal Beach we took a short break before heading up SGVT and ultimately back home. On SGVT I passed some guy on a tri-bike. Several seconds later he sped past me and made some aggressive gesture and was mouthing off something to me. I had my earphones on so I didn't hear what he was saying. I kept my pace and within seconds he was behind me and soon after he was completed out of sight. We stopped at the Pico Rivera Golf course to refill our water bottles.

Once we got off SGVT at Ramona Blvd., we stopped at a McDonalds. There was some elder lady trying to use the bathroom but got stopped short because it was being cleaned. I could tell she REALLY needed to use the bathroom and felt sorry for her. The person cleaning the bathroom should have let the poor lady use the damn bathroom! If someone is noticeably distressed and needs a bathroom, just let them use it. Sucks!

After McDonalds we continued our ride back home. For me it was Pomona. For Frank and Stew, it was Rancho Cucamonga and Fontana respectively On Badillo Stew got two flats. Frank was pressed for time so he continued his trek home and I waited for Stew near San Dimas Ave. and Bonita. Once Stew rejoined me and we continued on Bonita but it was apparent Stew's front tire was slowly loosing air. He was out of tubes so we made it to my house where his wife ultimately picked him up.

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