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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Montrose 8 am

When I set out for the day, I already had 300 miles week to date.

I left the house this morning and I knew I was tired. On Foothill, I struggled to keep a 15 mph pace on the road. 15 mph shouldn't feel this hard and I have 50 to 60 miles scheduled for the day. Did I make a mistake in letting Rico talk me into riding Montrose today? Ugh, we will see.

We met up with Mike (Big Block) and Monte on Route 66 and Glendora Ave. Mike must have needed to use the bathroom or something because he kept a lively pace all the way to South Pasadena. South Pasadena is where we stop for our designated “bio-break”. At one point we just let him go. No point working too hard before the actual Montrose ride.

Once we got to the meet up point I was feeling better. I guess I need 20+ miles to wake up. The group was large and the pace was fast. I kept looking at my Garmin to see what our speed was and more often than not, we were cruising at 26, 28, 30+ mph. As the ride progressed, riders kept dropping off. By Gladstone the group was a quarter of the size we began with. Some riders went "short" and some riders got dropped. It also doesn't help when the group blows through red lights! That issue needs to be fixed.

I always feel better about the ride when we get on Gladstone. Typically the group is smaller and the crazy "yo-yo" effects, hard stops, wheel crossing, and the general chaos of a larger group goes away. The pace still is fast, or even faster, but something happens. Maybe the nervous energy subsides. Who knows.

On Gladstone there were less riders and we had a smoother pace. By the kitchen sink I was feeling good so I pulled out my Go Pro to film the riders heading up Gladstone to San Dimas Ave. The Montrose ride continues left on San Dimas Ave., and I continue east and head home. The feeling of tiredness left me when we got to South Pasadena and I was feeling accomplished as I made my way home after parting ways from the group.

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