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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Los Lobos

Dropped again!

On Tuesday I decided to meet up with Los Lobos. I alway get nervous on this ride because these guys are fast. Tuesday was no different except add in temps of 97 to 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah, it was hot and I managed to hang on just before the crossing on SART tat ARTIC. On the way back I got dropped by the fasted of the group. Arnold, Javier and I traded pulls to make sure we got back in a respectable time.

The Los Lobos ride starts at 3 pm on Tuesday at Green River in Corona. It's a fast paced ride on SART to Newport Beach. Speeds can reach as high as 30+ mph. Los Lobos are are a friendly but very competitive group of riders. This ride is fast paced yet orderly and everyone takes a pull regardless. No sitting in!

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