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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Commuter Clothing Project: Outlier 4Season OG Pant

So a fellow BicycleFriend is considering commuting to work. His commute is about 3 miles one way. There is no reason for him to even consider driving. Shoot, his car doesn't have time to even warm up.

He's commuted a few times and did the ride in full cycling gear. You know, the spandex shorts, jersey and shoes only to be ridiculed by co-workers (I fully understand).

What he needs is cycling specific work/commuter friendly gear.

Introducing Outlier's 4 Season OG Pants.

"The classic Outlier slack. Crisply professional looking in the office but you can rock them like Dickies with sneakers or boots. They stretch, breathe incredibly well and are abrasion resistant for comfort in motion. "Self cleaning", water and grease resistant to handle the elements. Tailored in New York City for style and quality using Swiss fabric"

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