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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ThermaJock, another layer of protection

Just what I need for the winter season. Introducing the ThermaJock, Cold Weather Protection For Men. Okay as cyclists we have all been subject to the heat and cold. For me cold days seem harder than the former.

Full finger gloves, check. Arm and leg warmers, check. Skull cap, check. Junk warmer, CHECK! The ThermaJock made with, "advanced Polartec Thermal Pro material," is sure to keep the boys nice and toasty on even the coldest days.

Visit, www.ThermaJock.com and get yours today. A word of caution though, it says the shipping weight is a half a pound. I'm not sure if I want a half pound cinched on and hanging off my junk! To be honest it's not the Yoda Head that gets cold, he usually tucks himself in, its the "boys" that get chilly. How about a nice knit sweater for them?

Well then, if you are still interested and you don't mind the half pound then there's the instructions. Good luck.


Unknown said...

The weight is actually about .5 oz's. Not .5 lbs. It's a typo that is being corrected.

Anonymous said...

Does it come in a "magnum" size? If so, does it then weigh .5 lbs?

BicycleFriends said...

.5 oz, sized regular, .5 lbs Magnum? .5 oz sounds better.

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