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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Falls Road, Mt Baldy, California

Meme and I decided on an easy ride up Falls Road in Mt Baldy. It was early and cold. We parked off Falls Road and headed up the paved road for about a quarter mile. This is where the paved road ends and becomes a fire road. It was very cold even though there were few clouds in the sky. We could both feel and hear the strong winds. The winds pushed us this way and that way as we road up the trail. We stopped often to take pictures and talk. At the top it was the cold winds that penetrated our core. My full finger gloves helped very little and my toes were stiff and hurt.

The ride was well worth it and someday I plan to ride up Devil's Backbone to the Summit of over 10,000 feet, the highest point in Southern California. That's going to be another day!

Off Falls Road we quickly found parking. If you plan to do this ride you will need an Adventure Pass. A 1 Year pass is $30, day passes are $5.

Meme and I stopped a hiker for this photo. There were many hikers heading up to Devil's Backbone.

Pretty Bikes!

Meme heading up Falls Road. For the most part, this is a very well maintained road and a few trucks headed up and down it.

The sky was blue, blue, blue and made for great views.

This is a pano of the backside. Off in the distance you could see the 15 fwy, heading towards the high desert.

Ahh the top! The last time I was here was about 15 - 16 years ago. Its nice to be back!

The winds howled and danced around us at the lodge. Did I mention it was COLD!

Back to the car! As soon as we got back I started the car and turned on the heat. Did I mention how cold it was?

Roots, rocks and dirt all tangled up!

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