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Sunday, November 7, 2010

MT SAC Fat Tire Classic

Today, I raced in the Mt. San Antonio College, Fat Tire Classic, Beginner Class 27 - 34. With today begin the first day of "Standard Time" I was a little of kilter and kept waiting for the day to progress. Race time was at 11:30 am, but being still on Daylight Saving, I was thrown off. I kept looking at my watch, and thinking its only XXXX am!

Finally things started to wind up and before long I was picking up my race packet and ready to ride. I got to the race before the family, so I spent much of the time walking around, peeing, thinking, and wondering about what to expect.

This is my first race since I was 16 and I just can''t get over how I am now in the 27 to 34 year age bracket (And on the tail end too). I guess life happens. I remember when I was 16 thinking about the old guys and 34 seemed like a life time away. Fast forward, its 2010 and here I am.

The race started with a mass start. Ages 16 to 34. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I lingered in the back of the starting line. I was afraid to get bumped to pushed around during the mass start. 3, 2, 1, GO, GO GO! Once we started rolling everything seemed to gel. Within the first mile I was in the front. The pace was good and at about mile 2, I lost my first water bottle. Then at mile three my last water bottle decided to ditch the race. So there I was, water bottle-less and many miles to go! To say I was worried was an understatement.

I tried to put my waterless water bottle fiasco away and focus on the task at hand. At the top of the last climb of the first loop, I saw a spectator and asked if he had a water bottle. He did and it had about 10% of water left. I thanked him and will definably pay it forward.

Lap two I was in a really good position, top 5. With two more miles to go my legs started to cramp really bad. I had to stop. Man they hurt so bad. I considered quitting. Many racers past me by and Romeo, a fellow MTB'er and racer, asked if I was okay. I said major cramping. At this point what little water I had was gone. He was nice enough to give me this spare water bottle. I stretched some and took in some fluids. Then I got back on the bike and finished the race.

After Race Notes to Self: Before race, drink some type of supplement drink. Have smaller water bottles or a Camel Back when racing. Stretch more before, during and after race. Riding on grass feels weird and is not very smooth.

My family made it out to the race. My cheering fans.

Romeo! It was nice seeing a fellow rider today. You did great and thanks for the bottle.

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