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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Diamond Bar/Pomona to Glendora Mountain Road Then Back to Diamond Bar/Up to the Lifts

Confusing title? Let me explain...

Michael rode to Sierra Madre (SM) and Glendora Mountain Road (GMR) from Diamond Bar.  I rode from my house in Pomona to SM / GMR.  From there we headed up GMR.  At the village, Michael headed back home to Diamond Bar and I decided to continue to the ski lifts.

There were a lot of riders out Saturday.  Adobo Velo, Mr Beans, I am sure Annette/Bill were there too.  I also noticed a lot of triathlon bikes.

I made it!  It is never easy riding to the ski lifts.

My artsy fartsy photo.

Michael heading up to the gate.

Someone making his way to Mt. Baldy.

Croy came flying past me.  We rode together for a few miles and caught up on family life.

Michael at the fire station filling up his water bottles.

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Once we made it into the village, Michael and I parted way.  He headed home, and I headed to the ski lifts.  I was pressed for time so I told myself I would ride until 9 am.  Well by nine, I was past the 5000 ft sign, after Ice House, and making some great time up the switch backs. 

I decided, I would just see what happens.  For about 95% of the way up the switch backs, I had my head down.  I was focused on turning circles.  Next thing I know, I was at the last turn before the short descent. 

One of my favorite signs.  It marks the beginning of the switch backs.

It is funny what I think about while riding up the to the ski lifts.  I was tired. I thought about turning back at times, and when I made my way up the final monster of a climb, I decided, I wanted a coke.  I wanted a coke bad and for Gods sake, I earned it.  After climbing to the lifts, that coke was the best coke I've had in ages.

The view from the top.  It was beautiful, and it was worth it.

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