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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meet Gary - A Ride to Newport

A few weeks ago a high school acquaintance finally signed up for Facebook.  Gary and I went to the same middle and high school.  We shared a few classes together and had a few common friends, so when he popped up as someone I may know on FB, I was compelled to look at his Facebook page.

I do this often, as I am sure many others do.  "Oh, wow! "Insert Name" has signed up for Facebook.  I haven't heard that name in years.  I wonder what he/she has been up to since I last saw him/her."

As I clicked through Gary's page, right on the front was a beautiful Giant Trinity Composite.  Sleek, aero, white with black accents, damn that's sweet.  You guessed right, I'm talking about a bike.  Not any bike but a very specific type of bike, "Tri" Bike or one meant specifically for triathlons.

It turns out Gary is crazy into triathlons; Sprint, Olympic, half and soon to be completed full Ironman distances.  I am always looking for new riders, so naturally, it just made sense for me reaching out to him for a ride. 

After a few back and forth FB messages and phone texts we decided on a beach ride.  A beach ride is perfect for Gary's type of bike and training.  We met early in Diamond Bar and were off to Newport.

John P also joined us for this ride.  John P is one of very few GMR fixie riders and is known for his tunes blasting as he heads up the mountain.  I haven't seen him in a while so it was really nice riding with him to Newport.

The ride to and from Newport went great.  Gary's a strong rider and 60 miles was nothing for him  He's training for an Ironman so he needs to log some crazy distances to prepare him for June 2014. 

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