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Monday, October 3, 2011

Bicycle Bell Mayhem

The bicycle bell.  I have a bicycle bell on my mountain bike.  I found it very useful.  When trail riding, I often see hikers, and runners.  Sometimes they are alone, other times they are in groups.

When approaching them from behind, I found yelling ether, "On your left or o your right," to be ineffective and often confusing to to hikers and runners.  You see, when trying to pass on the left one would appropriately yell , "On your left."

More often than not, the hiker or runner would move to the direction I called out.  If I said on your left, then they move left, then suddenly realize they made a mistake and jump back to the right to move out of my way.  This is bad and can lead to collision.  On a few occasions there was contact between me and the hiker/runner.

The solution is the bicycle bell. Now when I come upon hikers/runner, I simply ring my bell and let them decide if they want to move either right or left.  Once they made that all so important decision, I pass on the opposite side.  Problem solved.

Bicycle Bell Mayhem is a collection of bicycle bells and the sounds they make.

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