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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spooky Cross, Irvine California

On Saturday, I took the family to Spooky Cross in Irvine.  I didn't stick around to see my results but I felt like I did better than my last CX race in DTLA.

At Spooky Cross, there were the typical stairs and barriers like last time but in addition, So Cal Cross added a Fly Over and an extra long sand pit.  The Fly Over was a cinch to ride up then down.  If I had better bike handling skills, I would have tried to "Cross it up" at the top.  The sand pit was a beast.  It was long and deep.  So Cal Cross set us up!  There would be no riding thru the sand pit.  The sand pit was clearly a hike a bike section.

The Stairs seemed steeper than the last time.  They were a blast to run up and I am sure NO ONE was able to ride up them like the stairs at the DTLA race.  There was a small section of barriers which weren't hard to jump over.  I think I have those down.

There were some fast racers in our category, CX 4, and we had to race 6 laps.  Overall I felt really good and was able to pick a few people off towards the end.  When I crossed the line, all I could think about was getting some water.  CX racing is short but intense.  I am hooked!

(Special Note - I got to swap out my 50t for something smaller. First lap was done in 50t.  I thought I had dropped down to the 36 t but knew something wasn't right.)

I took over 200 pictures and you can find them all here ...

The Fly Over - Ride up, Ride Down, Then Ride Through.  It was a creative setup.

The Never Ending Sand Pit.  Running thru this on my last lap was a bear. 

No running up these stairs Sid Taberlay

Barriers - No Problem

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