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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Natalie Rides a Bike!

Success! Natalie rides a bike.  Natalie's been riding a Specialized type strider bike since she turned two.  She picked up the balancing part pretty quickly.  At the point she was able to balance and coast on her strider bike, a conventional 12" two wheel was still to big for her.  Her legs just weren't long enough.  So I just let her coast around on the strider until about two weeks ago when I new her little legs were able to touch the ground while seated on the two wheeler.

At that point, she needed to get comfortable with training wheels and actually figure out how to pedal.  You see the strider teaches balance but not how to actually pedal.  Natalie was a bit awkward turning the crank over and over.  She kept wanting to just scoot along.  I worked with her until she was able to pedal on her own.

This weekend I took the training wheels off and needless to say she can ride a bike!  I am so proud.  My lovely pint sized bicyclist!

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