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Saturday, October 15, 2011

CDC - Saddles and Reproductive Health

Okay guys, we've all experienced varying degrees of numbness while riding.  For me its during any prolonged hard effort, where I'm hammering in a pace line or fast club ride or pushing myself up a long climb (ie. GMR Fork plus 5 to 8).  

I think for most of us, we just deal with it and know its part of cycling.  There are a number of saddle companies who offer different saddles to help with numbness/comfort issues but I've never really explored this option.  For me, it is a minor inconvenience and a show out of the saddle push resolves the numbness.  Pain is temporary?

The CDC published this interesting article regarding bike saddles and reproductive health.

"Over the last several years, NIOSH researchers have investigated the potential health effects of prolonged bicycling in police bicycle patrol units, including the possibility that some bicycle saddles exert excessive pressure on the urogenital area of cyclists, restricting blood flow to the genitals, resulting in adverse effects on sexual function.

Several Police Departments with Bicycle Patrols were used in this study. Nocturnal Penile Tumescence = Morning Wood.

"A health assessment study was conducted in response to complaints of groin numbness in a bicycling police unit. The data suggest that prolonged bicycle riding may have negative effects on nocturnal erectile function and indicate a need for innovative bicycle saddle designs."

Read the complete article here ...

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