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Sunday, October 30, 2011

UniGeezer Rides Up Fargo Street

Earlier this week I rec'd an email from UniGeezer.  UniGeezer was present at this years Fargo Street Hill Climb, March 6, 2011. Riding his 24" Unicycle, UniGeezer was the first only only person, to date, to ride up Fargo Street on a Unicycle.  That day, UniGeezer made it up Fargo Street two times.

At a 33% Grade, Fargo Street is the second steepest hill in the USA, and I believe the third steepest in the word. 

Riding Fargo Street on a two wheeled bicycle is hard enough, UniGeezer conquered it three times, on a unicycle and at over 50 years of age! (UniGeezer rode up Fargo Street 2x on 3/06/11 and 1x on 2/23/11)

Here is a YouTube video of his first ride up.  Near the top, you can even see me passing UniGeezer.  Next year, maybe I'll be crazy enough to attempt the climb on my tall bike!


UniGeezer said...

Thanks Jason for the writeup. Fargo is an incredible challenge and I think everyone should try it at least once, and to fully appreciate the massive steepness! I hope to be there again in 2012, and I'll be looking for Jason on his tall bike!

GMR said...

UniGeezer, that ride was incredible. At two points you had me gasping thinking that you might slip off the bike and you saved it each time. The balance and the leg muscle to crank up Fargo Street at 33% grade on a unicycle puts us "two wheelers" to shame. Awesome. What a performance. The exhilaration from that accomplishment must be resonating through and through.

BicycleFriends said...

GMR, we need to get you and Bill out there next year. The pictures on the internet don't do it ANY justice. Its like climbing a wall.

UniGeezer put us "Two - Wheelers" to shame.


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