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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Racing Tools - What Do you Bring to the Race?

I've been to a few races this year and I always feel like I don't bring enough tools.  I typically just throw in my multi-tool gizmo, pump and a spare tube into my gear bag and head to the race.

Most of my pre-race bike setup is done the night before so I feel pretty confident my bike will be 100% for race day.

But you never know, so for Spooky Cross, I actually bought some tools and stuffed them into my make shift tool bag.  I will add more tools, but to start I added, Allen wrenches, tire levers, open end wrenches, a crescent wrench, screw drivers, a patch kit and a chain breaker. 

All the tools fit well into an old canvas deposit pouch, which fits nicely into my gear bag.

I think my tool bag is a good start and I will add more as needed.  What do you bring to the race?

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