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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fixing Up Some Glendora Mountain Road Time

I love to ride, I love GMR.

 I was pressed for time so I was out of the house by 6:00 am in the morning.  It looks like the cold mornings are a thing of the past, and I left the house in a simple jersey and shorts.  No need to bring my windbreaker, arm and leg warmers. I felt so free.

I decided to ride my green fixie.  My fixed gear bike is quickly becoming my favorite bike.  Its amazingly comfortable and quick.  Riding GMR fixed is a great challenge.  

So I headed out at 6:00 am only to have to turn around a quarter mile into my ride.  I forgot my special tool to remove my wheels in the event of a flat.  I rarely get flats, and I didn't get one this time, but I guarantee if I forgot the tool, I'd get a flat.  

I made great time and was at the maintenance shed in no time.  I rested there longer than usual before heading back.  It was nice up there and I let the sun warm my body.  A few riders rode past,  there was a small group of riders from Glendale and Los Angeles.  

Bombing down GMR on the fixie was a blast.  I'm getting much better modulating my speed with my legs.  I sped down the mountain and just after the first saddle I came upon Kevin.  Kevin had a good clip and was heading up.  I hung with him for a few minutes.  He looked good and didn't seem to be fatigued.  He's getting stronger, and he set a goal of Fork Plus 2.  Later that day he sent me an email.  He did Fork Plus 2.5.  Awsomeness and soon enough, we'll be eating and drinking at the cafe in Mt Baldy.  I can't wait!

There were dozens of skateboarders just at the first saddle.  They were chomping at the bit and ready to head down. I stopped and let them go first.  From a car, a woman was telling her son to go last so she could follow him down.  I followed them down.  As I followed, I imagined this woman was the equivalent to a "Soccer" mom and how cool it was to have her supporting her son in this very different type of sport.

At the bottom of GMR, Christian sped past me.  We said hello before I made my left on Sierra Madre and headed back home.

Riding GMR fixed is a great exercise and my legs are a bit sore tonight.  Not too sore, but just enough.

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