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Monday, May 28, 2012

To Potato with Antonio

Sometimes plans don't pan out as expected.  A week ago I rec'd a FB message from a fellow racer asking if I was interested in a ride to Potato on Saturday.  Its been awhile since any type of MTB ride so I was all in.  I invited Eric and his group, Mike L (and his buddy Scott), Antonio and the friend from FB. 

Eric and his group arrived at our meet up location early and was pressed for time.  They took off early.  Mike L and Scott arrived a few minutes late and we decided to wait 10 minutes for Antonio.  My racer friend from FB never showed up.  After 10 minutes of waiting around Mike L, Scott and I decided to head up Marshal Canyon.

Shortly entering Marshal Canyon, we crossed paths with Antonio.  Antonio continued to Oak Mesa looking for our friend from FB.  I told Antonio FB Friend is a no show but he insisted on seeing for himself.  I told Antonio we'll see him up Marshal Canyon.

Mike L, Scott and I headed up Marshal Canyon fairly quickly but Mike L was having some trouble keeping up.  He's been off the bike for a few months and getting back into the swing of things can be difficult.  Scott and I rode up a few miles into Marshal Canyon and stopped short of the "Three Bitches" before deciding this is a good place to wait for Mike L.  The "Three Bitches" are three sections of fairly short but steep climbs.  I think either Romeo (whom I haven't ridden with in ages) or some dude from SC Velo coined the term. 

I tell Scott I am going to ride back to Mike L and soon enough Antonio was coming around the corner.  A few seconds following Antonio was Mike L.  He's bonked.  Antonio and I decide to break apart and ride together up Marshal Canyon to Potato.  The ride was fast (at least for me) and we were at the top of Potato in no time.

At Potato, we snapped a few pictures, and spoke with a very chatty Park Ranger before heading down for a loop around Burbank to Cobol Canyon.

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