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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bib Shorts Make a Great Addition to your Cycling Wardrobe

This post is courtesy of BicyclingHub.com, an online cycling apparel store with an extensive

collection of cycling bib shorts, jerseys, jackets & more.

Bib Shorts Make a Great Addition to your Cycling Wardrobe

In most sports, enthusiasts do things that may look a little crazy to outsiders. Swimmers of
both genders will shave every part of their bodies to glide more easily through the water. Long-
distance runners chug mysterious “goo” to keep their muscles ready on the trail. And cyclists
don extremely tight clothing, including bibs.

“What could possibly induce a grown adult to wears bibs?” non-cyclists might wonder. Below,
we explain the appeal of bib shorts. If you’re stepping up your biking mileage, read on to learn
why so many cyclists vouch for bibs.

How Bib Shorts are Different than Traditional Cycling Shorts

Bib shorts have shoulder straps to hold them up, while typical cycling shorts merely have an
elastic waistband. In this way, bib shorts are to typical bike shorts what suspenders are to belts.

Here are a few advantages cyclists find in bib shorts:

Better belly breathing. Some cyclists find they can breathe more fully when wearing bib shorts,
since they don’t constrict the waist.

Superior comfort. Long-distance cyclists know that shorts with bibs are a biker’s most cherished
piece of equipment as far as comfort goes. As Selene Yeager suggests in Ride Your Way to
Lean, “If you splurge on nothing else, invest in the best cycling shorts and/or bibs you can
afford.” Most cyclists find bibs more comfortable because they have no pinching elastic around
the midsection.

Reliable positioning. Cycling bibs will not slide down as you ride, so you don’t have to worry
about providing a peep show to nearby motorists. Traditional cycling shorts may require
constant “hitching up” to stay in place; not so with bib shorts.

Less chafing. After thousands of wheel rotations, loose clothing causes nasty sores. Bib shorts
hold the crotch-area fabric firmly in place, which prevents chafing.

If the idea of wearing any kind of bib in public sends shudders down your spine, have no fear. No
one will be able to spy your resemblance to a wrestler if you layer a biking jersey over the top of
your bib shorts.

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