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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Diamond Bar to Newport Beach - FIXED

Saturday Michael, John and I rode our track bikes to Newport.  We had a tailwind to push us down SART until about 8 miles before Newport. At 8 miles to Newport it switched on us and made things difficult.

After the last bridge we caught the tail of a reluctant Tri-Guy.  I say reluctant because it was pretty obvious he didn't want us in his draft and pushed out to let us pass.  Unfortunately he had a good clip going and it was difficult to get in front. Michael was able to pull ahead of him and Tri-Guy conveniently slipped in between Michael and I.  I guess he wasn't happy about pulling for us, but was all to quick to slip into Michael's draft. 

I held third position until Tri-Guy started showing signs of fatigue.  I picked up the pace, got behind Michael and soon enough Tri-Guy dropped off the back.

Once in Newport we refueled and headed back.  Michael flatted early on and it took a while to change his tire.  The wind was blowing in all directions.  Sometimes we had a tailwind and other times it was a headwind.  At the Honda Center the wind decided against us and it was a headwind the rest of the way home.

The ride home wasn't fun.  As the day progressed it started warming up and the darn headwind.  I started cramping a bit heading back up Grand Ave...  Ugh, Grand Ave. sucks riding up after many, many. many, miles.  I have to admit, I walked up parts of Grand Ave.  

When I got home I was beat!  I haven't done a beach ride in a while and I think I went to hard in the beginning.  Michael was a little tired (at least that's what he told us).  John was just as beat as me.  This definitely wasn't my greatest riding day. 

1 comment:

Michael said...

Good job. Those coastal winds will suck the speed right out of my legs, even with gears.

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