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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keith Holt on Bike Shops and Low Income Areas

Keith Holt talks about the the disconnect between cycling as a sport and low income families. In low income areas, you ride a bike because you are poor. This is the thought process among young kids and adults within these communities. The relationship between the bike and individual is not of enjoyment but rather necessity.

Cycling as a passion and enjoyment. Keith talks about how to encourage cycling amongst low income families and some of the barriers. For instance where do you get your bike fixed and at what cost. In my opinion, most bike shops charge to much for repairs and good shop mechanics seem to be a rarity these days. For these reason, I started wrenching on my own bikes.

Broken bikes don't get ridden. When I moved into my neighborhood, I quickly became the go to guy amongst the kids for all things bicycles. Changing tires, and adjusting brakes are weekly occurrence for me these days. My joy is seeing kids outside riding bikes.

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