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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camping in Carpentaria

Last week the family camped on the beach in Carpentaria. Here is Jamie riding down the street.

Adam still loves his Thomas the Train.

More trains. Every couple hours the train rode past our campsite.

Bicycle Families! This family was riding around the campsite in as Bakfiet. This was the first time seeing one in person. They look fun!

Rincon Cycles is the local bike shop in Carpentaria. Unfortunately they were closed when I arrived.

A Surly Big Dummy was parked outside a restaurant.

Kids at play riding bicycles. The kid hanging on in the back had to be two or three years of age. It was so cool seeing him toted around by his older brother.

Classic Cannondale. I was eying this bike all weekend long. Its an old full suspension Cannondale Delta V.


Michael said...

Love Carpinteria, my home while I was a UCSB. Some great riding around there. By the way, I could swear I read that the remaining Knobby Time races were cancelled. I will see if I can find confirmation.

Michael said...

Alright, never mind that last bit. I see it was cancelled, but is now back on again.

BicycleFriends said...

Santa Barbara is a special place for Jamie and I. Ever eat at Brophy's? That is our favorite restaurant.

We happened upon Carpentaria when one of the kids had to go bathroom. I can't say I like Carpentaria better, but is sure is a nice place to camp.

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